Sports Vision Problems

Baseball Vision Problems

baseball batter


  • Difficulty picking up rotation and location of pitches
  • Difficulty bunting
  • Strikes out swinging and / or looking
  • Difficulty hitting to all fields
  • Poor judgment of speed of pitches


  • Misplay fly balls
  • Trouble turning the double play
  • Difficulty picking up the ball off the bat
  • Reacting to slow to fly balls
  • Difficulty getting a good jump on the ball
  • Misreading ground balls

baseball pitcher


  • Difficulty picking off runners
  • Poor location of pitches
  • Difficulty pitching from the stretch vs. wind up
Basketball Vision Problems

woman playing basketball

  • Being short or long on shots
  • Not knowing where you are in relation to your teammates or opponents
  • Dropping passes thrown to you
  • Inconsistent play
  • Difficulty putting the ball on the floor and moving around an opponent
  • Poor free throw shoots
  • Difficulty putting the ball on the floor and moving around an opponent
  • Difficulty passing the ball accurately
Football Vision Problems


  • Poor timing on passes
  • Unable to look off defensive backs and pick up 2 receivers
  • Difficulty scanning the field and reading defenses
  • Inability to lead receivers
  • Difficulty spotting the open receiver

Receivers & Running Backs

  • Dropping catch able passes
  • Unable to run timing patterns correctly
  • Not getting off the line quickly
  • Running poor routes
  • Dropping passes because took eyes off the ball
  • Not seeing the ball quickly enough to adjust
  • Picking the wrong hole or not breaking big runs

Defensive Backs

  • Difficulty reacting to receivers
  • Inability to scan the entire field
  • Difficulty with balance
Golf Vision Problems
  • Difficulty judging distances
  • Difficulty visualizing the proper swing / ball path
  • Poor concentration
  • Difficulty identifying the target
  • Difficulty with visual recall
  • Inconsistent play
  • Difficulty shifting focus from near to far / far to near
Tennis Vision Problems
  • Not hitting in the center of the racquet
  • Difficulty picking up the speed of the ball
  • Reacting slowly to an opponent’s shot
  • Inconsistent play
  • Not getting to the ball quickly enough
  • Forehand better than backhand or vice-versa
  • Difficulty judging where the ball will land
  • Difficulty concentrating during long volleys or long matches
  • Difficulty hitting the ball in court
Track Vision Problems
  • Reacting slowly to the start signal
  • Difficulty maintaining balance
  • Difficulty visualizing maneuvers
  • Inconsistency in performance
  • Difficulty maintaining concentration during a race
  • Difficulty visualizing maneuvers
Volleyball Vision Problems
  • Difficulty timing jumps, when blocking or spiking
  • Not getting to the ball quickly enough
  • Difficulty watching your opponent’s position while concentrating or hitting the ball
  • Difficulty judging your position relative to teammates, sideline and the net
  • Not hitting the ball clearly
  • Inconsistency hitting the ball in court
  • Difficulty passing the ball
Wrestling Vision Problems
  • Slow to react to opponent’s moves
  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty maintaining concentration during a match
  • Difficulty judging your position relative to your opponent